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Bologna: la grassa (fat), la dotta (erudite), la rossa (red)


Bologna: la grassa (fat), la dotta (erudite), la rossa (red)



“Not all those who wander are lost”, Tolkien used to say. Humans are explorers, wanderers by nature and we usually feel great when we discover new places.Travelling enables you to look at the world in a different way, it helps you to grow up. You might have got to your Erasmus destination without knowing anything about the new city or culture you’re about to dive into. But..we got you: listen, taste, smell, look up over and all around you. Sit down, take breaks, drink and eat and of course even get a little lost on purpose in the enchanting and welcoming city of Bologna or as the locals usually call it: the erudite, the fat and the red.

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Home cooking adventure: “mani in pasta” for advanced cooks
1 hour 30 minutes
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If you want to try an easier delicacy, just to begin with your Italian cooking adventure we suggest the “Cotoletta” an Italian word for veal breaded cutlet. Believe us..in any case you won't be disappointed.

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Home cooking adventure: “mani in pasta” for beginner cooks Get this badge

If you want to try an easier delicacy, just to begin with your Italian cooking adventure we suggest the “Cotoletta” an Italian word for veal breaded cutlet. Believe us..in any case you won't be disappointed.
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Task no. 1
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GET YOUR INGREDIENTS for the “Cotoletta alla bolognese”: 800 gr (4 slices) veal breast 50 gr butter 100 gr flour 00 2 eggs Breadcrumbs (as required) 4 thin slices raw ham 4 grated spoons parmigiano Reggiano 250 ml meat broth

Task no. 2
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PREPARE your “cotoletta” First of all prepare the meat broth, it will complete the dish. Now prepare the slices of veal breast and beat them with a meat tenderizer to make them thinner. Prepare the flour, the eggs beaten with a pinch of salt and the breadcrumbs in 3 different containers. Pass the slices first in the flour on both sides and immediately after pass them in the eggs. Finally pass them in the breadcrumbs covering them completely and squeezing them well with your hands to make the breading adhere better. In a medium-large pan, put the butter, melt it and cook no more than two slices at a time. When the first side is golden brown, turn them over to continue cooking. Place a slice of raw ham on each slice and sprinkle with plenty of grated or flaky Parmesan. Now add a ladle of broth to each slice, cover the pan with a lid and cook for about 5 minutes. Once ready, place them on a serving plate and serve with your favorite side dish. Your cotoletta alla Bolognese is ready to be enjoyed hot.


Bologna, Metropolitan City of Bologna, Italy
The music quest
45 minutes


ESCO#speak different languages
ESCO#use dialect
ESCO#cultural customs on food preparation
ESCO#modern languages
ESCO#analyse cultural trends
ESCO#vehicle manufacturing process
ESCO#mechanical components of vehicles
ESCO#apply foreign language for international trade
ESCO#study acquisition of language
ESCO#new vehicles on the market
ESCO#select musical performers
ESCO#manage localisation
ESCO#cook meat dishes
ESCO#comply with standard portion sizes
ESCO#promote music
ESCO#support cultural diversity
ESCO#prepare pasta
ESCO#musical genres
ESCO#cook meat dishes
ESCO#cook meat dishes
ESCO#communicate with target community
ESCO#watch video and motion picture production products
ESCO#use localisation tools
ESCO#sell vehicles
ESCO#social interaction
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